Employed artistic activity

Any gainful activity of foreign artists by way of employment or similar contractual relationships (e.g. as quasi-freelancers, “freier Dienstnehmer“) requires authorisation under the Act Governing the Employment of Foreign Nationals (AuslBG).


  • Extremely short-term artistic activities (e.g. film making, concert tours) or activities that are part of ensemble guest performances (e.g. theatre or opera performances) do not require a permit, but must simply be notified (see Short-term employed artistic activity to secure an overall artistic production).
  • Artists holding a residence permit “Long-Term Resident-EC“, a “Red-White-Red Card plus“ or a “proof of settlement“ may take up employment without further authorisation.
  • Artists who are citizens of an EEA country (except Romania and Bulgaria, for which labour market restrictions apply until 31 Dec. 2012), may take up employment without authorisation. (A registration certificate is required if the intended stay in Austria exceeds three months.)