Does the application for a residence title have to be filed personally?

As a general rule, applications for the issue or renewal of a residence title must be filed personally; depending on the type of residence title applied for (e.g. residence permit – artist) the relevant documents must be enclosed to the application form in their original and as a copy (see General information on documents).

Similarly, residence titles will be handed out only personally and must be collected personally in Austria (both for first-time applications as well as with applications for an extension) (on the procedure see also What is the procedure?).


  • For third-country nationals who do not have capacity to act, the application must be filed by their legal representative.
  • Residence titles for under-age minors (under 14) may only be handed out to their legal representatives.
  • Residence titles to minors having reached the age of consent (older than 14 years) may only be handed out personally.

Residence titles are issued in card form. When a residence permit is extended, a new card is issued.