General documents required to apply for a residence title

  • Application form, filled in handwritten and signed before the authority;

Applications forms are available in German only and can be downloaded from the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior:

Download Antragsformular Aufenthaltsbewilligung (both for the first-time application, application for an extension or for a change of purpose)

Download information for the application form:
Erklärung zum Formular Aufentaltsbewilligung

  • A valid travel document;

The website of the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs provides information as to which documents are accepted as travel documents. See further information here.

  • Certificate of birth or equivalent (only for first-time applications);
  • Photograph of the applicant;
  • As appropriate: certificate of marriage, divorce order, certificate of registered partnership, certificate on the dissolution of a registered partnership, adoption certificate, evidence or certificate on the degree of relationship;
  • Evidence of legal title to a customary accommodation, in particular lease or sub-lease, preliminary lease agreements, title of ownership;
  • Proof of comprehensive all-risk health insurance that will pay out benefits in Austria, especially the insurance policy, unless mandatory statutory insurance is or will be applicable;
  • Proof of secure livelihood, in particular by wage slip, wage confirmations, service contracts, preliminary employment contracts, confirmations on pension, annuity or other insurance benefits, statement on capital investments, proof of a sufficient amount of own assets, or declaration of liability.