Special requirements for a residence permit – artist

The following additional requirements apply for a residence permit - artist to be granted:

Artistic activity
The person must exercise or plan to exercise an activity that is predominantly characterised by artistic creation.

The qualifying criterion for the residence permit – artist is not that the person is an artist, but that the activity is characterised by tasks of artistic creation.

For the following professions it is generally assumed that the activity is predominantly characterised by tasks of artistic creation:
Sculptor, painter, graphic artist, conservator, restorer, set designer, production designer, interior designer, costume designer, fashion designer (excluding fashion consultant, model designer and producer), designer, artistic director and related professions (e.g. event manager), film director, stage director, choreographer, actor, audio and voice-over artists, singer, DJ, VJ, dancer (unless practiced as a sport, or as go-go dancing or table dancing), acrobatic artist, musician, photographer.

Documents suitable as evidence: Proof of artistic education or description of previous artistic activities

Secure livelihood through artistic work
The income from artistic work must cover the livelihood during the stay for a residence permit – artist to be granted.

Documents suitable as evidence:

For employed artistic work submission of a

  • Confirmation of guaranteed work of the regional PES office, or
  • Employment permit as an artist (evidence of the entitlement of the employer to employ the artist).

The artistic part in the intended employment must be predominant (see Special provisions governing the issue of employment permits for foreign artists.).

For self-employed artistic activity
Submission of a written contract on the artistic activity which is to last longer than 6 months, e.g. contracts with galleries, theatres or concert halls. By means of these agreements, the secure livelihood must be proven.

If a secure livelihood cannot be proven by these agreements, applicants may submit a declaration of liability by a third person (see Which general requirements must be met and evidenced to obtain a residence permit?) for a residence permit – artist to be granted. The declaration of liability must be submitted on application in addition to the confirmation of guaranteed work, the employment permit or the relevant contracts.

German language skills must not be proven when applying for a residence permit – artist. Similarly, artists holding a residence permit – artist need not commit themselves to the Integration Agreement.