Summary overview


Visa C or D

Settlement permit - 

Confirmation of guaranteed work 


only abroad at embassy or consulate

 visa D and visa C “Employment” only from Austrian representative bodies

 visa C possibly with Schengen partners representing Austria

generally abroad; persons allowed to enter Austria without a visa may apply also in Austria if they have lawfully entered Austria and are staying lawfully in Austria


application may also be filed in Austria by the employer, if employed activity is planned

 always by employer/in Austria


visa C: max. 3 months

visa D: 91 days to 6 months

12 months and/or under certain conditions 3 years or unlimited (permanent residence – EU)

12 months


Possible only in exceptional cases and  in defined circumstances in Austria

possible in Austria

possible in Austria

Family members

only with separate visa

family reunion possible; generally dependent on available quota

employment permit only in exceptional cases